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30 photos
The Snowy Owl photographs were taken on the South ORV Trail of Nauset Beach during the winters of 2018 and 2014.
Hand-made 4" x 4" or 6"x 6" ceramic tile / coaster featuring a fine-art photograph. High gloss epoxy finish that is durable and long lasting. Cork back. Suitable for cold and hot beverages, or display.
Snowy in TreeSunset SnowySunny SnowyPocket Snowy #1Snowy Owl on PostSnowy Owl on Post #2Snowy on Post #3Snowy Owl on Camp HouseSouthieSnowy Owl in the Dunes IMale Snowy on RidgeSnowy Owl CloseupSnowy Owl on RoofUnder the ArchSouthie #2Hidden SnowySnowy on BoatFemale Snowy on RidgeFemale Snowy on South BeachLow Flyer