Roberta Anslow Art | Marine Life of the Philippines

140 photos
These photos were taken while snorkeling in and around Apulit Island in Palawan, Philippines.
Anchor TuskfishAnchor Tuskfish & Cleaner WrasseAnchor Tuskfish & RabbitfishBicolor ParrotfishBicolor Parrotfish & Cleaner Wrasse #1Bicolor Parrotfish & Cleaner Wrasse #2Black Spotted Pufferfish #1Black Spotted Pufferfish #2Black-tail, Scissortail, and Indo-Pacific Sergeant FishBlackeyed Thicklip WrasseBlackeyed Thicklip Wrasse and Cleaner WrasseBlackspot TuskfishBlacktipped Reef SharkBlackvent Damselfish (juvenile) & Green ChromisBleeker's Parrotfish #1Bleeker's Parrotfish (Female)Bleeker's Parrotfish (Male)Bleekers Parrotfish(F) and  Yellow-barred  ParrotfishBlue barred Parrotfish #2Blue Spotted Grouper #1